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Archive for the 'Dogging' Category

Norfolk Tranny

Author: swingking
03 7th, 2011

Dereham Crossdresser

Note – want to meet with Dereham Tranny? ? then if your into meeting with Norfolk dogging trannies that are totally submissive then this is a must personals advert for you and even better if you live around the  Dereham Norfolk region

Its pretty clear from looking at this members profile photos that not only does Norfolk tranny dogging play a pretty big role within his sex life but more so being dominated whilst having sex outdoors, which really as an admirer or trannies & dogging is the only way to use a sub dogging tranny!

If your looking for a meet with sub Norfolk dogging tranny read this members advert and drop him a line for more details

Hi thanks for reading my advert, I’m a VERY submissive and some would say kinky Norfolk tranny thats looking for outdoor meets local to me in Dereham, if you want to use a sub slut read on Read the rest of this entry »

Cheshire Dogging Tranny

Author: swingking
02 22nd, 2011

Cheshire Dogging

Note – Anyone want to meet with Cheshire dogging tranny ? this Stockport crossdresser is looking to meet with males for one thing alone to be fucked at various dogging locations around Cheshire as I can’t accom but more than happy to travel to meet contacts especially if you know safe Cheshire tranny dogging locations

This member is looking for Stockport members to use him by fucking him then leaving with cum trickling down his legs is right up his street although any meets are always safe sex only – so if you want to fuck a Cheshire dogging crossdresser read on Read the rest of this entry »

Uk Dogging Forum

Author: swingking
11 29th, 2010

Uk Dogging

Want to find a Crossdress dogging forum? Looking to find up to date dogging locations where dogging transvestites can meet up with admirers and other dogging tranny contacts, well look no further than UK Crossdressers

The dogging scene over the last few years has changed considerably due to many reasons but the main one being the increased patrols that the police are doing at car parks and public places but also councils closing down parks and locations by locking them at night

But what hasn’t changed is the love for crossdressing dogging and outdoor sex and for many members there preference is for outdoor sex rather than playing indoors or sometimes this is down to the crossdress member having a partner that doesn’t know they crossdress, so have to revert to dogging locations. Read the rest of this entry »

Dorset Dogging

Author: swingking
11 21st, 2010

Dorset Dogging

Note – Looking for some dogging meets in Dorset? read this members posting from a Poole member that clearly prefers the outdoor meets around Studland to meeting with members side

If you enjoy the cross dress dogging scene then read this posting but make sure when you log into the members section you check out the forums as thats the best place to meet with members that enjoy flashing & outdoor meets and ofter many of these have posted dogging locations, like this Dorset member

One warning I would make is when dogging watch out for the police as they are ramping up checking locations now and are not worried about prosecuting Dorset dogging crossdressers!!…..does that stop us? nah like fuck just means we have to watch out more ( note images used on this pages are NOT from this member) Read the rest of this entry »

Dartmoor Tranny Dogging

Author: swingking
11 13th, 2010

Dartmoor Dogging

Note – Anyone looking for some Dartmoor crossdresser dogging? This member is looking for meets around Haldon Forest /Haldon Hills and if you know Haldon I’m sure you’ll be fully aware of this Dartmoor tranny dogging locations

If you need to get directions then I’m sure this member from Haldon will be only too pleased to tell you especially if you offer to turn up and fuck his tranny ass !! as thats what he’s looking for. This member is looking for dogging meets & anal sex, BDSM, Car park sex & Oral sex

Hi trhanks for reading my advert, first I’m looking to explore my outdoor sex needs and I’m looking to meet with males for sex around Dartmoor /  Haldon Hills and if you contact me I’ll tell you where and when I’ll be out plus some more detailed directions on how to find me Read the rest of this entry »

Lanarkshire Crossdress

Author: swingking
10 25th, 2010

Lanarkshire Dogging

Note – you know some guys just have all the luck and it seems some Bellshill dogging tranny admirers had more than there fair share of luck when they meet up with one of our Lanarkshire dogging Crossdresser members and posted below is a recent blog posting along with his Hamilton crossdress personals advert

This members has not posted any photos so the images used are from random dogging tranny profiles, so if you want to check this member out before meeting you’ll have to drop him a message and request some photos – not the best way forward but some members prefer to not post photos

Blog Posting  – Glasgow Dogging Crossdress sex – I was lucky last night I meet up with some horny guys and had great sex by what I didn’t know at the time was a dogging & cottaging location near industrial estate near Bellshill on the outside of Glasgow Read the rest of this entry »

Surrey Dogging Crossdresser

Author: swingking
10 5th, 2010

Surrey Dogging

Note – Looking for some Surrey crossdress dogging action? this Cobham crossdresser uses Wisley for some outdoor sex, although I know this location as Ockham Common (known as ‘Wisley’) in Surrey.So if you fancy meeting for some sex con the common drop this forty something tranny a line and as he also enjoys some bareback meets you maybe be to have some Wisley tranny fucking!! yum

Either way read this members profile advert and for more details and if your in the Cobham area contact this member to finds out details of when he will be dogging in Cobham / Ockham Common again Read the rest of this entry »

London Cottaging Crossdresser

Author: swingking
07 15th, 2010
London Cottaging

London Cottaging

Note – Anyone up for some tranny cottaging? love the idea of fucking a London based crossdresser that has a real kink for outdoor sex and bukkake outdoor meets. Given a choice i’d be more than up for meeting this sexy London bukkake crossdress member as I’ve attended a cottaging bukkake meet in the past and wanking off over some horny london tranny was some of the best outdoor sex I’ve enjoyed for a long time!

This member has been setting up cottaging crossdresser meets around london and posting details of these meets within the tranny forum and posted below is a recent posting where he was looking for anal / bukkake meets

Forum posting – My boyfriend is looking for a few males that want to use and abuse my little bubble butt hole and use me as an anonymous crossdresser fuck toy – if you want you can turn up and I’ll be bent over waiting for you to just slip your cock inside me ( although always safe sex, I maybe a fuck slut, I’m NOT mad) Read the rest of this entry »

Plymouth Crossdress Dogging

Author: swingking
04 13th, 2010
Plymouth Dogging

Plymouth Dogging

Note – Want to meet with a horny bareback crossdresser from Plymouth thats going to be out and about dogging and looking for guys to use his wholes, either orally and cum in his mouth or bareback fucking and cum in his tranny ass!

Either way if you love fucking crossdressers especially this Plymouth tranny then read this posting as as shes looking for dogging contacts posted a message in the crosdress forums section looking for outdoor meets around grampound or Haldon or mamhead laybye

So first read the dogging forum posting then profile, or better still just contact this member and having some fun! Read the rest of this entry »

03 13th, 2010
Shrewsbury dogging

Shrewsbury dogging

Note – looking to meet with a dogging crossdress cum slut from Shrewsbury? in that case if you live around the Shropshire area and know of good locatrions and wanna fuck a sexy crossdresser then read this members profile and check out her pics! talk about frigging yummy or what! more than good enough to eat!

This members looking to meet for outdoor sex and as a dogging fan and admirer, is there really any other way to fuck a tranny other than over the bonnet of a car! and from looking at this crossdresser anal pussy shes taken more than the odd one or two fuckings! Read the rest of this entry »

12 3rd, 2009
Manuden Dogger

Manuden Dogger

Note – you know as a admirer and a lover of dogging this Manuden crossdresser profile would tick so many boxes as I love fucking horny Surrey Crossdressers especially whilst outdoors and hopefully with a group of people watching although looking at this members photos shes certainly not shy about playing in a group

We don’t often add other members profile photos but as this member has posted up so many I just had to share them with you, although as a full member you’ll have the benefit of seeing horny members photos that have NOT been cropped as I’ve had to do with these, and trust me seeing the uncropped ones are worth joining up just to see those

As a crossdress dogger its a shame shes not included more of her have outdoor sex as Manuden Dogging locations and hopefully once this member starts playing outdoors more often we’ll get to see some of her getting fucked over a car bonnet! Read the rest of this entry »

Newport Dogging Crossdresser

Author: swingking
09 7th, 2009
Dogging Crossdresser

Dogging Crossdresser

Note –  Having spent a lot of time in West Wales especially around Carmarthenshire its really annoying when you see a horny Newport dogging crossdresser thats looking for admirers to fuck her at some dogging location, as for me the best sex you can have is outdoors especially if your fucking a horny welsh crossdressers

This member is looking for dogging contacts around West Wales or to be more precise Newport so read her crossdresser personals advert and if you want to contact her just send her a message

Hi – does anyone near to Carmarthen want to meet with a horny crossdresser for some outdoor fucking / oral sex? although any fucking is safe only …sorry but orally I always go to completion and never waste a drop ! if you would like to fuck me or I’ll suck you dry let me know Read the rest of this entry »

Suffolk Dogging Bareback CD

Author: swingking
08 9th, 2009
Suffolk CD

Suffolk CD

Note – you know some crossdresser you just know are fucking horny right from looking at their photos or what they post in their UK Crossdressers profile advert

Yep, this is just of those bareback dogging crossdressers you just wanna fuck silly, and trust me this is now knicker waering guy that just thinks by putting some frenches on that makes him a crossdress this Suffolk Tgirl is every bit fem and not only needs horny admirers to contact her if I lived any where near to her I’d be up her faster than she could pull her knickers down

Am a fan………two fucking right so read her Suffolk crossdressers profile and enjoy viewing her photos as trust me I did especially the rubber thigh boots ones mmm yum Read the rest of this entry »

Croydon TV Outdoor Sex

Author: swingking
04 24th, 2009
Croydon Crossdresser

Croydon Crossdresser

Note – sexy crossdresser from Croydon ( South Norwood) looking for males that enjoy outdoor sex & dogging around Surrey – want to meet with a horny sissy maid read on – check out some of the sissy maids photos posted within this profile !

Hi I hate doing these things so will try to say something

I’m a sexy bi crossdresser looking for NSA outdoor fun and group action

I’m a fifty something slim tarty TV / CD thats looking to meet up with others for outdoor sex & hopefully meet with dogging groups around Croydon that enjoys fucking a crossdresser

I’m up for meet groups as I always dress for fun as you can see from my attached sissy maids photos favorite outfits are stockings sexy mini skirts, white knee boots and love to have both holes used at the same time so any groups of 3 or more want to meet for some fun  Read the rest of this entry »

Preston Dogging Crossdresser

Author: swingking
03 9th, 2009
Preston Dogging TV

Preston Dogging TV

Note – horny Preston Crossdresser looking admirers that are into dogging, Anal sex, Car park sex, Oral sex & Sexual outdoor encounters

Hi I am a forty something sexy TV / CD thats considered attractive with sexy long legs, shapely bottom that I love to feel hands running up my mini skirts from behind to use me and have my panties pulled to one side and fucked, even better if outside at some dogging location around Preston

I love to be taken and abused by complete strangers hence my lover for dogging, and adore wearing slutty tarty clothes like mini skirts seamed nylons, high heels and see through tops. I am quite submissive and passive so prefer males to make the initiative with me both indoor and outdoor and enjoy to meet outdoors in cars, woods or dark alleys and indoors and I can accommodate at my home should you prefer playing indoors. Read the rest of this entry »