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Archive for the 'Stories' Category

Nottinghamshire Dogging

Author: swingking
01 12th, 2010
Nottinghamshire Crossdress

Nottinghamshire Crossdress

one of my crossdress girlfriends told me about this guy she’d meet in the park that had a cock to die for at over 10″ and he loved to fuck crossdressers but she would only give him a blowjob as thiers no way her tight littler anal pussy would handle somet5hing that size, but it got me thinking

I’d played with a few toys in the past that were pretty big although whilst fucking myself with thouse they were VERY heaverly lubed up and I was high on poppers so was very loose, the question is did I want to push myself that far and have my tranny ass fucked by a 10″ monster or would I just run away, the tempation was just too great Read the rest of this entry »

Devon CD Admirer first BJ

Author: swingking
12 13th, 2008
Devon CD Admirer

Devon CD Admirer

I’ve been a admirer of crossdressers for years and whilst is wasn’t the reason my marriage split up, certainly once separated I did start thinking more about chicks with dicks rather than girls with fannies! Once I moved to Devon I started to look for crossdressers at the local cottaging/dogging locations where I lived in Beacon, but if anyone knows this part of Devon it’s not what you would exactly call the heart of UK Crossdressing!

After a few weeks of getting no where bleeding fast I turned to the Internet to see what I could find and after looking at a few contacts site I settled on this site as it offered me free access so was able to check out what was on offer before paying. Read the rest of this entry »

West Sussex Dogging Slut

Author: swingking
11 15th, 2008

This story sent in by West Sussex Crossdresser tells of how this submissive Xdresser will follow any instructions his master asks – even so far as to let him be taken to a well know dogging location in Bognor Regis then let doggers abuse him

Karen’s Master gets a real enjoyment from watching his own personal crossdressing slut from being subjected to humiliation and abuse by others and now this has moved onto dogging its seems the slut will now have to endure being abused outside by strangers and doggers alike Read the rest of this entry »

Wiltshire Contacts

Author: swingking
11 6th, 2008

Wife joins in for threesome crossdressing sex / Wiltshire CD Couple.  It was the first time my wife would have seen me with another crossdresser, she’d known about my other lifestyle for some years but she’d never wanted to get involved but after a lot of hint dropping,  poking and prodding from her she now got her way, so with another crossdresser I knew that was bisexual we asked if he wanted to join us for our first crossdress threesome!

The evening came & I was very nervous, my wife on the other hand was cool as a cucumber, I was upstairs sorting myself out and getting dressed making sure I was as sexy as I could be, my wife on the other hand was already downstairs and dressed to kill with a really short black dress on and little else ( I kid you not)

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11 5th, 2008

Like many I’m a closet crossdresser, I’m more than a bit shy about coming “out” well that was until I started talking with others around here and soon found many where the same. I’ve been living in Hinxton in Cambridgeshire all my life, yes I know it’s not exactly the home of CD but after joining a contacts site and chatting with others you’d amazed how many gals their are in Hinxton, but that’s another story.

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Dorset Crossdressers

Author: swingking
11 3rd, 2008

I recent moved to Poole in Dorset and you know I thought there would be a good crossdressing & transvestite community here but its dead! and the annoying thing is where I used to live their were loads of great clubs & bars, ok it was in Blackpool and one thing Blackpool in known for is its great swingers clubs but I really assumed being on the South coast their would be some type of action

So after a few weeks of NO sex arrrrrrrrrr I joined a crossdressing contacts website as they had loads of members around Poole so thought I’d get my fix their, so to speak, once a member I started looking around and found the forum section that had details on dogging locations of which one was in Poole
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Hampshire 1st Date

Author: admin
11 1st, 2008

Hi I’m Debbie and have been crossdressing and living in Gosport for some years, I really just wanted to drop a line and tell others about this place. I’m a transvestite and been “out” for about 15 years now (but started very young) so I’m no old fart, but there again no spring chicken either! I’ve got a pretty sexy figure and when dressed can easliy pass as a women and often go out, although it does tend to be more at nights than daytime 😆

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