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Find your local crossdressing contacts


Find Crossdressing Contacts

Finding a crossdressing lover is not just a case of throwing up a profile and leaving it at that

People often wonder why they never get any responses to their crossdressing personals ads but had they put some effort into the profile they would have found members contacting them & enjoyed the website a lot more plus building friendships right around the uk & indeed Europe.

One of the questions we often see posted within the forums, chatrooms & blogs is “how do you find a crossdressing lover? and here I’ll be addressing this question with a few very simple and easy to use tips on using our contacts site to find local contacts, or maybe a lover, friend, or just a playmate.

After joining up a lot of people make the mistake of thinking “right let’s get a profile up and FAST” well I say “STOP” there is no rush! The members here will be here tomorrow and very likely next year, so sit back and check out the site a bit to see whats going on, that will give you some idea what members will want and also probably show you what members don’t want to see 😉

There are 3 main sections to a profile – the photos, heading & text.

  1. consider that your photos are the first thing a member will see when searching for crossdressing lovers and if you post crap blurred out photos or phone camera pics that really don’t show much then don’t expect to get quality replies. However posting crap photos is better than none at all and members that post CD pics are 10x more likely to get replies than members that don’t and if you don’t want to show your face blank it out using some of the free photo editing tools online, or if you don’t want to risk it then just a body shot showing off your sexy legs or new french knickers you’ve just bought for a hot date! But the bottom line is that a profile without pics will get a lot less interest.
  2. Next, your contacts ad heading, this is what will be displayed next to your photo so again it is extremely important to put something that will grab admirers or other CD members attention. Most members will first look at the photo next the heading then click on the ad so put some thought into it.
  3. And lastly, the text/your description within the profile. The worst thing you can do is just add a couple of lines without any real information, you don’t need to write war’n’peace but you do need to tell crossdressing admirers or other CDs what you’re looking for and also “whats” on offer! You have to remember this is your profile so sell yourself, more so if you’ve not attached a photo!!

If you put effort into your profile then you will soon get members contacting you and you’ll have crossdressing lovers & admirers contacting you wanting to meet up



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