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Convincing Crossdressers Make Up

Watch "Creating Nina" streaming video

Streaming Film - "Creating Nina"

Transformation from manly crossdressing male to convincing female can be easier to achieve if you get the basics of the make up right!

Obviously if you just have a penchant for wearing silky panties, stockings and suspenders you probably wont worry too much about being convincing as a female but if you are you really want to be aiming for the sexy natural look rather than the slap-it-on drag queen look!

Basically if you are going to be dressing regularly you need to have a long term beauty regime and apply your make up in the same way women do, one problem many CDs have is that they overdo things and end up looking more like a panto ugly sister than a sexy T-girl.

Follow our general rules and we are sure you’ll be transforming yourself successfully in no time and why not click on the film covers top left & bottom right to view these streaming DVDs for more inspiration!

  • Cleanse, tone & moisturise – you need to do this every day but you can get male grooming products for this which are specifically designed for male skin so make use of them!
  • Exfoliate – you should exfoliate your whole body at least one a week using a nice body scrub/wash along with an exfoliation glove or sponge, which will help to soften your skin.
  • Shave – you need to be having really close shaves, you don’t want a five o’clock shadow giving your game away!
  • Plucking – this means your eyebrows, nose & ears! Bushy mono brows are not good so get the tweezers on the case or try waxing for a feminine look and ensure nose & ear hair is kept trimmed!

These are rules that really men should follow anyway 😉 but for the real transformation to take place make up is going to be your new best friend!

  • Concealer – you really need to carefully choose a shade slightly lighter than you own skin colour and apply it sparingly just to cover up specific areas such as blemishes or dark patches
  • Foundation – again you need to be careful with the shade as it mustn’t be orangey but it should blend with your own colouring. It is best to try and match it to the skin colour along your chin line. Then apply it with a triangular cosmetic sponge but just a small amount at a time blending it so that it never looks like you’ve just plastered it on!
  • Loose powder – a translucent powder is best to be lightly dusted over the face which will make the skin matt and help to ‘fix’ the foundation to give a flawless finish to the skin.
  • Eye liner – you don’t have to use this as it can be tricky to apply properly but if you do want to try it go for a pencil type as it is less messy and the idea is to draw a thin line along the base of your lashes!
  • Eye shadow – you should choose muted colours for a natural look by applying with a soft small brush to the eye lids. This should enhance your own eye colour and remember that a big stripe of blue is not good!
  • Mascara – you don’t want spider eyes so carefully apply it with the wand brush that comes with the mascara. This will take practice, brushing it onto the top & bottom lashes creating longer darker lashes and false eye lashes can also be added for a more daring look!
  • Blusher – you can use this to create more definition to your face shape and should be swept along the cheek bone with a soft larger brush for powder types or gently rubbed on with fingers for the cream varieties which also gives a nice rosy glow. You can also use it for creating shading on other areas to help visually reduce larger features.
  • Lipstick – you are best starting off applying it just to the natural line of your lips and then with practice you’ll be able to use a lip liner first to create more definition and a perhaps cupids bow. If you want a natural look go for pinks or browner reds until you have perfected your overall styling then you can start experimenting with more vamp looks with daring ruby reds!
Click to view streaming movie - "Feminine Training"

Click to view streaming movie Feminine Training

While you are perfecting your new beauty routine another couple of things to think about are your hands & feet – very often the biggest give aways!

Now you can’t do anything about their size but you can make them softer and more feminine but moisturising them and investing in manicures & pedicures (yes men do have them!) to get them in good condition and nicely shaped nails. Then if you want to you can paint your nails, remember to tone in with the colours of your makeup/lipstick or if your own nails really aren’t very good you can invest in some good quality false nails to complete your new look!

Now get to it and start practicing your make up so you can be the most convincing sexy crossdresser in town!



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