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Crossdressers Dogging Photos

Xdresser Dogging

Xdresser Dogging

Dogging, its become a UK institution, but why? after all lets face it the weather more often than not is crap, its dark and cold at night, but still TV/TS & CD love to got dogging? maybe its just because people like to feel alive and dogging is something Mr joe blogs can just jump in his car and do ……..even if its a bit risky, after all inst life for living rather than sitting in every night watching the same old crap on the box!   

so its dark, cold & probably wet but off dogging we go so how can you make crossdressing dogging a little safer, and maybe even be sure of getting a shag! after all the idea of going dogging to “walk the dog” is something any horny crossdresser has on his mind ……………its getting a shag we want

With so many websites claiming to offer details on all the best dogging locations I’m amazed these places aren’t advertised in the local paper so everyone can read them including the local police! because, and I know this will come to shock to some of my fellow crossdressing friends dogging is illegal !!! but inst that one reason we do it

Lets face it we can all throw on a sexy number and go for a walk if we want, but to drive to some dark car park in the hope that a stranger may come along and let us suck their cock or even better still bend me over me over the car bonnet and fuck my tranny ass is any crossdressers dream, well its mine anyways and I’ve had more than my fare share of dogging fucks over my car bonnet

But its really finding dogging locations is where my rant comes from, after all if we were to believe these websites that post them so everyone could see they would be so busy the police would have to be their with a removal van to cart everyone away

So, if you want to find dogging locations and meet with other crossdressers, transvestites or admirers forget these places that post locations or even ones that offer premium rate numbers for dogging location, use the chatrooms, blogs, forums, or even read members profiles and one thing you can be sure about if you want to find crossdressers dogging then ask them directly and thats where our site comes into its own as we have dedicated sections for crossdressers to post dogging info and even arrange meets so hit the join button and start contacting our members and arrange a guaranteed dogging shag!! 

posted below are few recent photos that have been posted in the trannies & crossdressing dogging blog, to protect ID’s I’ve edited them, but as a member you’ll have full access even if you join for FREE






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