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Find your local crossdressing contacts


Uk Dogging Forum

Uk Dogging

Want to find a Crossdress dogging forum? Looking to find up to date dogging locations where dogging transvestites can meet up with admirers and other dogging tranny contacts, well look no further than UK Crossdressers

The dogging scene over the last few years has changed considerably due to many reasons but the main one being the increased patrols that the police are doing at car parks and public places but also councils closing down parks and locations by locking them at night

But what hasn’t changed is the love for crossdressing dogging and outdoor sex and for many members there preference is for outdoor sex rather than playing indoors or sometimes this is down to the crossdress member having a partner that doesn’t know they crossdress, so have to revert to dogging locations.

Crossdress Dogging Forum

With the police, councils & local idiots doing there best to spoil / stop dogging you’d think people would loose interest but that couldn’t be further wrong and the UK dogging forum especially for crossdressers is one of the most active sections within the members sections

Why should you use a dogging message board / forum rather than just heading out dressed and ready for action, the first being a forum can inform you about locations that are not safe anymore or maybe locked at night

But, by far the dogging forums offer the chance for members to pre arrange meets with admirers or other dogging tranny members so this means the location for your outdoor sex can be perhaps NOT a well used location but more so a private location where you know you won’t get disturbed by annoying people wanting to spoil our outdoor meets

By using a dogging message board means you can also exchange photos, mobile phone numbers and arrange a safe place to meet up and even better our forum is FREE to use so it won’t even cost you anything to join and start reading postings from dogging crossdress contacts – along with free access you can also post your own dogging profile so members can contact you directly



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