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Wokingham Crossdresser

Wokingham Crossdresser

Wokingham Crossdresser

Note – Sissy crossdresser from Wokingham thats in training, well in training to be a better Berkshire sissy slut! – This member is only looking for dominant contacts as he’s a very submissive and looking to meet with members that can exercise long term control over this Workingham Crossdresser

This member has an online master that by the sounds of things controls what this submissive sissy does,  although whilst online bdsm is intewresting you really can’t beat the real deal of having a dominant master controlling you, well least thats my take on submissive meets, least I would want the real deal, suppose hence the reason this member is looking for Berks owners / masters to meet with……… long as his cyber master so its ok!

Submissive crossdresser Wokingham thats looking towards my sexual and intimate side, so keen to hear from members but more so dominant ones so please read my crossdress personals advert or better still contact me….

Hi first let me say thanks for reading my advert, a little bit about me, I’m a forty something sissy thats looking for a extremely capable master and a knowledgeable person thats got the experienced to help me live out my submissive dreams of being used as the sissy slut and hopefully continue my training

I’m currently owned by a very dominant male thats controlling my actions via the net but I’m seeking masters to meet with and this has been done with his accordance as I would never dream of doing anything to not please the wishes of my on-line MASTER, he has total control of my life what I do and with whom I have sex with

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Some more about sexy old me, I live alone in Berkshire so ready for sexy meets pretty near 247 especially if you want to carry on helping break my little crossdress pussy in as I’ve only recent started enjoying the pleasure of getting fucked by a REAL man rather than just toys and playing alone

I’ve had more than a passing interest in wearing feminine clothing  and other feminine products and feminine ways for some time probably getting on towards over 20 years now so YES I’m a mature member that whilst for a long time have played alone and have resist urges to play but now looking towards doing something about it

Until recently my sissy hole was a virgin and had never experienced a real Man deep inside me, but having been fucked twice since then ( hopefully a lot more since doing this advert) I’m now a changed sissy slut and want more cocks! and so long as my masters says its OK I’m looking towards being a total sissy slut with members.

I always keep my body shaved except my head and arms otherwise I’m totally clean and ready for you and NEVER wear anything other than women knickers and panties 247 and I’ve given my male rights to my owner and permanently relinquished sexual rights to him so all sexual and intimate decisions are his alone, so your messages will be sent to him for him to approve .

I hope this is of interest to you and look forward to hearing from you.

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