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Cambridgeshire Crossdressing Webcam Sex

Like many I’m a closet crossdresser, I’m more than a bit shy about coming “out” well that was until I started talking with others around here and soon found many where the same. I’ve been living in Hinxton in Cambridgeshire all my life, yes I know it’s not exactly the home of CD but after joining a contacts site and chatting with others you’d amazed how many gals their are in Hinxton, but that’s another story.

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For years I’ve been very shy about my lifestyle and certainly about coming out and meeting with others, the idea of going to the crossdressing clubs is just a fantasy, (not that I know of many around here), but that’s changed after a bottle of red and checking out some of the porn sites!!

I was getting fed up watching us usual porn so I put the computer on and started searching around, just really to see what I could get for free ;o) or if there was anything worth paying for, but most of the transvestites sites I’d seen before so moved on till I saw this link to a contacts website, so my curiosity got the better of me and clicked the link.

After looking around the free section I knew the only way I was going to get anything out was by joining up, so joined for a month (yep I’m a tight arse but with so many scams online I wasn’t going to pay anymore), once a fully paid member I got to look around and check out some of the profiles ads and even eyeball some of the local contacts to me, so thought I’d post my own profile ad along with some photos.

It was getting late now and I was just about to turn the PC off when a message came in from some guy in Hampshire asking if I wanted to webcam and I can only assume he’d seen in my profile that I had a webcam and would love to chat with others via webcam, so logged into the chat rooms, clicked the link for webcam chat and saw the link for him – to my amazement the thing kicked into life and saw him smiling back at me.

He seemed a nice guy, not really my type as he had a beard (facial hair is just NOT my thing) but we chatted for while about just general stuff then he told me how he used to be married and his wife found out about his knicker wearing & cock sucking and that was the end of his marriage, although he said he knows members here where the wives understand & I told him that wasn’t my problem as I’d never got married 😉

We chatted about my past relationships and it really was nice being able to see and talk with someone else at the same time, and really just talk about girlie things rather than feeling so isolated and alone. We talked for ages and even agreed to swap some dvds that we’d both got bored with. By 2am I was ready to hit the sack, although since talking to him I “could” have taken him to bed and I know he was more than interested in me but Cambs to Hampshire for a fuck is a bit of a long way for me, especially when you see some of the hot locals around here I knew I’d soon be meeting others.

We signed off and then I noticed in my email inbox I’d already had two replies BOTH from local contacts so I knew this site was going to be fun…



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