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Devon CD Admirer first BJ

Devon CD Admirer

Devon CD Admirer

I’ve been a admirer of crossdressers for years and whilst is wasn’t the reason my marriage split up, certainly once separated I did start thinking more about chicks with dicks rather than girls with fannies! Once I moved to Devon I started to look for crossdressers at the local cottaging/dogging locations where I lived in Beacon, but if anyone knows this part of Devon it’s not what you would exactly call the heart of UK Crossdressing!

After a few weeks of getting no where bleeding fast I turned to the Internet to see what I could find and after looking at a few contacts site I settled on this site as it offered me free access so was able to check out what was on offer before paying.

Once a member I posted a profile up asking for Devon CD’s to contact me, but a few days had gone by with nothing so one night logged into the site and started chatting to other members in the chat room and it was pointed out that my profile didn’t have a photo whic does put a lot of members off, so I added one and whilst chatting to others saw “Karen” come online a crossdresser from my home town!

I dropped her a message ( after adding my photo) and got a reply back inside a few minutes with her phone number so I phoned her and we chatted away for a while before Karen said she was really into glory hole sex and she knew of a public loo in town that had a gloryhole and would I like some fun!

So as it was still early I suggested tonight at 10 so a date was made and I got to the loo and walking into the cubicle I saw the gloryhole and sat down and waited, 10 minutes later I heard someone walk in and going to the next loo, looking though the hole I saw Karen standing their in her full glory in sex stocking, french knickers and matching bra and she looked amazing

Getting my hard cock out I stood up to the gloryhole I poked my cock through and feeling her soft touch on my cock made t jump but not have as much as when she sucked it right back into her mouth!! she was GODD no she was VERY FUCKING GOOD and was sucking & wanking me off at the same time and knew she would soon get her cum load she wanted and just thinking about her bending over sucking my cock just made me cum inside a few minutes!!!

I pulled back and pulling my trousers up we both walked out about the same time and following her outside we both walked back towards our cars and asking her if she wanted to chat in my car she got in and we chatted away for about 30 minutes before she told me that she needed to go before his wife noticed he’d gone out

I arranged another meet but this time at my house as I wanted to see him sucking my cock and hopefully better still my fucking his tight cross dressing arse!! – that date has been set and I’ll let you know how it all works out, but also since adding my photos to my profile I’ve now had 6 other replies so my life is going to get a lot more busy!!!

Meet Devon Cross Dressers

Meet Devon Cross Dressers



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