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Dorset Crossdressers

I recent moved to Poole in Dorset and you know I thought there would be a good crossdressing & transvestite community here but its dead! and the annoying thing is where I used to live their were loads of great clubs & bars, ok it was in Blackpool and one thing Blackpool in known for is its great swingers clubs but I really assumed being on the South coast their would be some type of action

So after a few weeks of NO sex arrrrrrrrrr I joined a crossdressing contacts website as they had loads of members around Poole so thought I’d get my fix their, so to speak, once a member I started looking around and found the forum section that had details on dogging locations of which one was in Poole

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Now don’t get me wrong I thought about cottaging in the past ands even dogging, but the idea of going out with just my stockings and suspenders on under a dirty mack just didn’t turn me on, but as they say needs must and as no one had contacted me yet from the site and it last getting late thought what the heck!

I drove to the dogging location that wasn’t too far from where I lived and put a long raincoat and under that a fishnets stockings and lacy french knickers I’d just bought, I thought at least if I was going to go out I mite as well feel sexy, although the trainers!!! that killed it, but even in the dark I couldn’t bring myself to wearing hells outside

It was around 11 and pulling into the car park noticed a few other cars already parked and  from driving past I could see that most had more than one couple in them, but then this car drove in parked up near to me and flashed his lights, so doing the same ( code for do you want sex) this guy came walking up towards the car

We chatted for a while and he then asked if I would follow him behind the toilets, once their he put his hand between my legs and got somewhat of a surprise “your a tranny”, “yep, I replied but if you want a blow job I’ll give you the best one you’ve ever had” and with that he looked around, which I did think was funny, after all no one was around so whether it was a crossdresser sucking his cock or a women it didn’t really matter

I wasn’t sure if he was going to walk, but the guy between his legs took over and walking towards me got his dick out and kneeling in front of him took him right back so much so that I nearly swallowed his balls as well, not that he was a small guy, just I’m able to deep throat without gagging

He placed his hand around my head and started to fuck my mouth gentle at first then pushing his dick hard right into the back of my mouth and I could tell from the little pre cum that the idea that a crossdressers was sucking his cock had gone out of his mind and within a few seconds filled my mouth with cum making sure I got every drop before releasing my grip I had pulling his cock into my mouth

After he zipped his pants up and looking at me asked what I was wearing under the coat so I opened it showing off and stockings and knickers, but by now I’d already cum inside my knickers and looking at me told me he’d never had sex with another guy, I told him having a bj isn’t really sex and not to worry, that I wouldn’t tell his mates and with that he laughed and walk away

I then drove home as I wanted to get out of my cum filled knickers and after having a shower logged back into the contacts site and had three messages from other crossdressers Dorset so I’m meeting up with a couple next week, as whilst dogging is OK you can’t beat the comfort of your own house!



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