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Hampshire 1st Date

Hi I’m Debbie and have been crossdressing and living in Gosport for some years, I really just wanted to drop a line and tell others about this place. I’m a transvestite and been “out” for about 15 years now (but started very young) so I’m no old fart, but there again no spring chicken either! I’ve got a pretty sexy figure and when dressed can easliy pass as a women and often go out, although it does tend to be more at nights than daytime 😆

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For a while I’ve been trying to find a place where a girl like me could chat and hopefully get some attention off the right type! Sfter all we can all play alone but sometimes you just need that little bit more attention that only another guy can offer, and to be honest when I joined UK Crossdressers I wasn’t really sure how things would work out, so anyway joined as a free members but soon realised if I wanted to use the site properly I would have to part with cash, which I don’t mind doing, after all we’d all like to think the world revolves around love but it doesn’t! Once I was a fully paid up member I started chatting with loads of other crossdressers from all over the UK including Hampshire “you know I’m not the only crossdresser in the village” ( said with an welsh accent) 😎

After posting up my profile I soon started getting some pretty interesting contacts, and local as well ‘shock’ which made me think “you mean I’m not going to have to drive from one side of Hampshire to the other to get laid – bloody amazing”. This one guy called Jon that lived in Portsmouth really got my attention, can’t remember what it was maybe it was the rock hard 9″ he had, so I agreed to meet him at a local bar. I’d just got this new outfit from a local shop, a little sexy black number and normally I try and stay away from black as it makes me look even paler than I normally am, but I just couldn’t refuse it especially when I tried it on and it fitted so well. I didn’t know the bar, but one thing I’ve always done even if meeting someonew off a contacts site was to make it public, after all a girl has to keep things safe in this world plus any excuse to go outside on a date dressed to kill & show off a little. When I got the the bar it was a bit too crowded for my tastes but sqeezing around the place did give me a chance to get a few touch ups – little did they know what was between my legs!

I got to where he was sitting and like a true gent he stood up when I walked over (well 10/10 so far I thought) I sat next to him and we chatted over a drink or three (or was it four), anyways we were both enjoying each other’s company and moving ever closer he just couldn’t seem to get enough of me, so much so that he placed his hand onto my leg and like a bad little girl I opened my legs a little so he could move his hand between my thighs. Letting him move his hands around and run them between my legs moving closer & closer to the tops of my thighs knew I had to put a stop to this as with this outfit on – well let’s put it this way I wouldn’t have been able to stand up – so stopped him and asked him if he wanted to go outside to “take some air”.

We both stood up, walked outside and seeing a little ally I walked over to it, leaned against the wall when he pressed up against me kissing me hard and putting his hands onto my hard cock that was now pressing against my knickers & tights and knew I needed to release it before I was bent over double. So pushing him back I pulled my tights and knickers off placing them into my handbag, Jon then put his hand onto my cock and started wanking me off, so like a good little women I pushed down his zip, got out his cock to wank him off whilst we both kissed.

It didn’t take long before we both came (making sure I missed my dress) and after cleaning up we arranged to meet another day but this time at my place so I could really enjoy that cock and get the well deserved fuck I was after. When returning home I logged back onto the contacts site and saw a few other crossdressers in the chat room and told them about my evening of passion and they can’t wait to hear what happens next…

Enjoy the site, I do 😳
Debbie xxx



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