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Nottinghamshire Dogging

Nottinghamshire Crossdress

Nottinghamshire Crossdress

one of my crossdress girlfriends told me about this guy she’d meet in the park that had a cock to die for at over 10″ and he loved to fuck crossdressers but she would only give him a blowjob as thiers no way her tight littler anal pussy would handle somet5hing that size, but it got me thinking

I’d played with a few toys in the past that were pretty big although whilst fucking myself with thouse they were VERY heaverly lubed up and I was high on poppers so was very loose, the question is did I want to push myself that far and have my tranny ass fucked by a 10″ monster or would I just run away, the tempation was just too great

She told me where about in Notts the dogging location was as I didn’t normally play outdoors as its just too risky with the plod thesew days but I though for 10″ its got to be worth the resk and I drove to the car park and saw his car parked and getting out of my car he soon followed into the adjoining field

I had on a sexy little number that said ” fuck me hard” over it with holdups so thats we didn’t need to worry about getting myt tights off, plus if someone came along so long as his 10″ wasn’t burried hard inside me we may stand a chance of not getting caught

I knelt down and undid the belt and let his trousers fall to the floor ands looking directly at his cock I must have looked pretty gobsmacked as his cock was free and stiffening right in front of me and it really was huge and it was honestly the size of my arm and the length and thickness!!! and thinking to myself ” fuck this was going to fuck my tight tranny hole”

I tried sucking and taking the cock back into my mouth but I couldnt even get it in then he said “you will let me fuck your tranny ass won’t you, its been a long time since a sexy crossdresser like you has even gone this far ” and as he almost begged me I know I had to let him and hope he didn’t rip me open and was gentle.

To give you some idea heres some┬árandom┬ámembers photos from the Notts area, although please note these members are NOTHING to do with this story as that member as asked for her photo not to be used. To view these members profiles just use the link on the bottom of the page, however that will only show you there text only adverts, once you join even as a free member you’ll gain access to members photos as well

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Looking up I said “yes, but you will have to go steady and if I say STOP, I really mean STOP!!!” and with that I pulled some lube from my pocket and rubbing a good load onto his shaft and fuck hole and even pushing some fingers inside myself just to get my hole ready for what was going to be the fucking of this cd’s life! and raising her anal pussy towards him spread her knees wide apart. “be gentle!!”

He pulled my arse cheeks wider apart as his cock pushed towards her anal and as his cock entered grasped her sides and pushed further forward and moving my hands around the back tried to pull her buttocks further wider apart as I could feel the burn of his dick starting to enter me and then screamed “Slowly please slowly”

He did ease his cock forward and stop for a little while but by now I was totally into this guys cock fucking me and wanted him all the way inside now no matter what and so was able to relax a bit and then he pushed further into my crossdress anal cunt, he finally stopped pushing and started to pull back, then slowly forward and then realised I got his massive cock deep inside me

He now started to fuck me harder and faster plunging in and out and asking me if I was fine Just nodded and he then carried on fucking me harder than ever before and it was the biggest cock this crossdresser had ever had inside me and without even touching my cock I came and thankfully a few minutes later I felt him push deep into me and cum

Pulling out my anus was very distended and his cum had run straight out down her legs and helping me up I looked at his dick which was now limp although still even then bigger than anything that had fucked me before and just had to lean over and kiss its head. Needless to say I couldn’t walk correctly for a good few days but I loved every time I sat down and got the pain into my anal hole as it reminded me of my dogging night when I got fucked by 10″ of meat




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