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Wiltshire Contacts

Wife joins in for threesome crossdressing sex / Wiltshire CD Couple.  It was the first time my wife would have seen me with another crossdresser, she’d known about my other lifestyle for some years but she’d never wanted to get involved but after a lot of hint dropping,  poking and prodding from her she now got her way, so with another crossdresser I knew that was bisexual we asked if he wanted to join us for our first crossdress threesome!

The evening came & I was very nervous, my wife on the other hand was cool as a cucumber, I was upstairs sorting myself out and getting dressed making sure I was as sexy as I could be, my wife on the other hand was already downstairs and dressed to kill with a really short black dress on and little else ( I kid you not)

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Whilst I was still upstairs the front door went and in walked Debbie (our threesome crossdressing contact) although not dressed, he’d asked if it was OK to change at ours which I more than understood after all I would never go out dressed! I’m not that good a women, so Sue (my wife) directed Debbie into the downstairs bedroom.

A little later I walked downstairs and Debbie was already sat with a drink chatting away with Sue. Debbie looked sexy as hell in stockings a little maids outfit & I had my old trusty sort dress on that had always got me laid especially when hitting some of the dogging locations around Wiltshire, so knew it would have the right effect.

After a few drinks I was feeling a lot less tense and more than keen to see what Debbie had on under her maids outfit and Sue started things off by standing up and letting her dress fall to the floor and standing there in fishnets and a g-string looked more than fuckable, and I could see the way Debbie was looking her that he was impressed, as we made sure the crossdressing contact we got round was bisexual so we really could all have fun in a threesome, but looking over towards Debbie I wanted what was in her knickers.

So getting up I moved over to Debbie knelt over in front of him and leaning forward kissed him on his lips, as I was still nervous knowing that my wife for the first time was seeing me with another CD but when I felt her move up behind me then put her hands under my dress and start to stroke my cock through my knickers it made me rock hard cock and gave me the encouragement I needed to carry on.

I move my attention lower down to Debbie’s sissy maid dress and pulling it up saw her sexy knickers and cock that was already hard & poking over the top, so pulling his knickers off I got my first lick of his cock followed by sucking him right back like I’d never had a cock before well least not one with my wife up behind me telling me to “suck her dick” (odd hearing those words, but it pushed me on more).

It wasn’t long till I got a some of his pre-cum, so sucking harder he then came into my mouth and swallowing it down looked back to see Sue now on the chair with two fingers pushed deep into her fanny watching EVERYTHING.

Moving over to her I started licking her fingers and fingering her as well and with the taste of Debbie’s cum still on my tongue mixed with Sue’s cum juices the sensation was so fucking horny and by the way Sue came quickly I knew she was loving it. Then my wife saw that Debbie was hard and ready to play again so told me to bend over the sofa and ordered him to fuck my tranny ass!!! Knowing this was her biggest fantasy to see another man or crossdresser fucking her husband I followed her orders and bent over waiting for Debbie’s hard cock in my arse.

So bending over the sofa Debbie came up behind me and first used a finger on my arse with some lube on then another whilst lubbing up his cock and pulling his fingers out pushed his dick deep into me almost pushing me off the sofa he fucked me so hard.

As Debbie’s was fucking me over the sofa Sue had her hand under me wanking my cock off and moved her head under me sucking my cock off (talk about a bleeding balancing act!) this was all a poor guy could cope with what with my horny wife sucking me off and Debbie fucking my arse, I soon came into Sue’s mouth and a few seconds later Debbie came in my arse!

After we sat back on the floor still teasing and then Sue started sucking Debbie’s cock and he was ready to play again, but this time it was Sue that was going to get fucked!!!



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