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BDSM Crossdressing

Author: swingking
01 14th, 2009
Slut Punishment

Slut Punishment

Say the name “Lisadomina Productions streaming Movies” to any BDSM fan and they will know the quality and some would say cruel mistresses! but for me it brings one thing to mind pure quality!

The theme of Lisadomina is always strict femdoms punishing weak crossdressers & transvestites in fact its really ANY slave they can get their hands, fist, whips or anything else onto and the streaming movies featured here are showing just how to treat a Xdresser that needs discipline  

Details of the movie

Name : Tranny Slut Punishment 101
Running Time : 44 minutes
Studio : Lisadomina Productions 
Categories : Femdom , Crossdressers, Spanking , Transvestite & Shocking Penetration 
Stars : Mistress Lisa  Sissy Sandy Read the rest of this entry »

Vintage Crossdressing

Author: swingking
01 4th, 2009
Vintage Crossdressing Videos

Vintage Crossdressing Videos

Vintage Crossdressing movies but now into the 21st century by using streaming video on demand to watch it!!

You  know many crossdressing fans and transvestites love the older porn movies when the only way to watch these was at some porn cinema or getting hold of a video but now we now longer need to worry with many older vintage porn movies being transferred onto vod

Over time we will be adding more vintage crossdressing movies from the days before Aids, safe sex and dare I say it the Internet !!! so return often, but in the meantime  

Welcome to Switch Hitters !!!

Running Time : 58 minutes
Studio : Historic Crossdress Erotica 
Categories : Transvestite, crossdressing ,  Classic movies,  Vintage adult videos
Stars : Lisa DeLeeuw plus others Read the rest of this entry »

Fetish Crossdressing movies

Author: swingking
01 4th, 2009
Irene Boss Movie

Irene Boss Movie

Say the name Irene Boss to any fetish movie fan and they will know of this strict mistress thats kink is firmly set in the medical fetish enthusiast, but now she’s turned her attentions to the crossdressers & transvestites as they attention like only Mistress Anastasia can hand out with enema & extreme crossdress humiliation

Stream movie details

Running Time : 36 minutes
Studio : MIB Productions
Director : Irene Boss
Genre : Fetish,  Femdom,  Transvestite,  Crossdressers,  Uniform,  Nurses
Stars: Irene Boss  Mistress Anastasia

Whilst the movie only runs for 36 minutes its 36 minutes of pure fetish heaven done only in the style that has made Irene Boss one of the top fetish performers. Read the rest of this entry »

Sissy Maid Porn

Author: swingking
11 26th, 2008
Sissy Maid Slave

Sissy Maid Slave

Looking to find the best in sissy maid porn? well look no further than TransFetish and Lustomic as they have now entered into the sissy maid stream porn market and its offering some of the best in sissy maid movies I’ve seen for a long time – pure quality, is about the only thing thats really needs saying

US porn production company based in Fort Lauderdale offer up the best in transvestite sissy main porn & newbie femdom / dominatrix Miss Dita does what she does best and turns men into sexy gals in the latest offering “Sissy Pimpin,’”. Read the rest of this entry »

Pay Per View CD Porn

Author: swingking
11 26th, 2008
Stream PPV Porn

Stream PPV Porn

PPV streaming porn or to give its full title pay per view video on demand is just about the best thing to hit the adult movie industry and for one thing its the only way to watch great crossdressing porn for a fraction of the price of buying CD DVDs

Since stream PPV hit the UK & Europe many porn buyers have moved over this as it not only offers porn movies for 4p per minute but also fast, instant access to thousands of crossdressing movies cover just about every genre within this from bondage, humiliation, fisting, sissy maid & amateur streaming Read the rest of this entry »

free Crossdressing movies

Author: swingking
11 19th, 2008

FREE crossdressing porn !!! cum and get it while its hot!!!

How many times have you seen the word FREE Xdresser movies or DVDs only to find out its a con just to get you to click on their site!! yeah thought so me too, well here really is a free movies offer well when I say movies its a sample but its a good length Mmmmm odd but when ever I think of a good length its not noramly referring to a free movie sample LOL

The reason this sample UK crossdressing movie sample is free is to introduce VOD ( video on demand) to the UK as its still very new here and a lot of people are still very nervous when it comes to streaming porn as they think the quality is naff and the films crap! well trust me this couldn’t be further from the truth! Read the rest of this entry »

Streaming Crossdressing Porn

Author: swingking
11 18th, 2008
Streaming Xdressing Porn

Streaming Xdressing Porn

Stream crossdressing porn! you know as a fan of everything crossdressing the introduction of streaming video on demand has made my life so much easier! 

Now I can watch xdressing movies & loads of different titles and not have to worry about “anyone” seeing my tastes in porn, after all not everyone “surprise” is into watching crossdressers fuck, I know hard to believe but it is……

So with streaming crossdressing porn you can have access to thousands of movies with instant access, but some people still haven’t tried stream Xdressing movies, maybe this is because they have never used it so a bit worried about how it works if so hopefully I can help you here with a few basic tips on using streaming video on demand to watch great porn. Read the rest of this entry »

crossdressing porn

Author: swingking
11 3rd, 2008

Crossdressing porn! you know why is it of all the different types of porn dvds you can get and even these days now streaming, download or ppv finding REAL crossdressing adult movies is a struggle, what is it with porn production companies don’t they like Xdressing? sometimes it does make you think like that

With so many porn studios putting efforts behind shemale & transsexual porn you’d think that somewhere out there someone would be wanting to make great “REAL CROSSDRESSING PORN” well hopefully in my quest to help other UK crossdressers find contacts I’ll be putting up details of movies as and when I find them

But at least now as porn buyer you have a massive selection of ways of viewing your porn and no longer are we just tied with going along to some seedy UK sex shop and trying to find quality porn now we can buy DVDs directly from oversea suppliers, Stream using the latest technology so getting instant access to thousands of Xdressing porn movies or download so you can watch DVD quality movies for a fraction of the price of buying dvds

Read the rest of this entry »