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Essex Gangbang

Author: swingking
04 19th, 2011

Essex Gangbang

Note – Anyone want to have a Essex Gangbang ? In that case read this profile submitted by Benfleet tranny thats looking for group meets and being used as a party slut, this greedy tranny is looking for some full on group fucking and thankfully this tranny will consider bareback group sex!

If you want to have a Essex gangbang with a horny tranny read this members profile advert and for more details drop him a line – More photos have been posted by the member although edited to protect his ID

Hi I’m a Essex tranny looking for group sex / meets. I’m tall blonde with great legs and nice tight ass that LOVES to be used and looking for meets with males, females, couples and VERY much so group as I would love to be the center of attention at my own gangbang Read the rest of this entry »

Norfolk Tranny

Author: swingking
03 7th, 2011

Dereham Crossdresser

Note – want to meet with Dereham Tranny? ? then if your into meeting with Norfolk dogging trannies that are totally submissive then this is a must personals advert for you and even better if you live around the  Dereham Norfolk region

Its pretty clear from looking at this members profile photos that not only does Norfolk tranny dogging play a pretty big role within his sex life but more so being dominated whilst having sex outdoors, which really as an admirer or trannies & dogging is the only way to use a sub dogging tranny!

If your looking for a meet with sub Norfolk dogging tranny read this members advert and drop him a line for more details

Hi thanks for reading my advert, I’m a VERY submissive and some would say kinky Norfolk tranny thats looking for outdoor meets local to me in Dereham, if you want to use a sub slut read on Read the rest of this entry »

Cheshire Tranny Bukkake

Author: swingking
02 7th, 2011

Cheshire Tgirl

Note. Any Crewe Bukkake fans that want to wank of a Submissive Cheshire tranny? This profile has been posted by a submissive Crewe crossdresser with permission from his master as he feels this member needs some group abuse and from looking at photos that abuse comes in hard!

This members is looking to arrange a small but VERY messy meet where guys will cum over him or as he a bit of watersports tranny getting members to piss over him where you can either piss over his body or directly into his open mouth as he’s been told by his masters to drink piss as guys use him!

Its pretty clear this Submissive tranny is not just looking for Cheshire bukkake meets but really anything goes so long so long as the end result is this tranny gets used!! Read the rest of this entry »

Lewes Sissy Crossdress

Author: swingking
12 5th, 2010

Lewes Sissy

Note – Looking to meet with a Sussex Sissy Crossdresser thats in need of some training? this members is looking for meets with either couples that need a sissy slave or meeting with strong more dominant males for role playing meets

But it with couples that this members really looking towards as he meet with a couple recently where the sissy husband and him were made to assume a more dominant wife which from my viewpoint sounds like a perfect match which is why this member is keen to hear from couples ideally with a sissy husband

The images posted here are directly from this Lewes sissy personals advert although edited to protect the members identity, but when you log in you’ll have full direct access to profile, images and direct contacts information. Read this members profile and for further details on Sussex Crossdressers use the banner below Read the rest of this entry »

Essex Submissive Tranny

Author: swingking
11 17th, 2010

Essex Tgirl

Note – Want to meet with a submissive Essex Tgirl slut? this recently viewed profile has been posted by a Essex tranny thats looking for meets with dominant males ideally local to her around Essex / Colchester

When it comes to pure Essex Tgirl sluts this member profile and forum postings confirms that if your looking for horny sub tranny this is one member you really need to contact and i’m sure you’ll agree once you read her advert

Hi thanks for reading my advert, I’m a VERY sub girlie tranny from Colchester  thats looking to meet dominant males that want to abuse my little tranny butt! and being a bareback fan would prefer males that like to fuck without condoms as I do love feeling guys cuming inside my ass Read the rest of this entry »

Wales submissive crossdresser

Author: swingking
11 1st, 2010

Wales submissive crossdresser

Note – Want to meet with a wales submissive crossdresser? this member thats looking for more dominant contacts local to him in South Wales and clearly from the list of kinks/ turn on’s hes posted enjoys the more fetish side to crossdress sex, but is there really any other way to play !

Whilst ideally its more dominant side to contacts this Welsh tranny is looking towards he can play switch but for that to happen the member would need to be extremely submissive before this mature wales tranny takes on the master / mistress role

Either way read this members welsh sex personals advert and for more details and contacts information use the free join button and drop this slave a line or better still meet with him! Read the rest of this entry »

Weston Super Mare Tgirl

Author: swingking
09 14th, 2010

Weston Super Mare Tgirl

Note – Looking to meet with a horny Weston Super Mare Tgirl? then this profile is a must read as this member is just gaging to be fucked from reading her recent forum & blog postings – after all when someone posts “Weston Tgirl needs some hard sex and games. I’m looking to be hogtied and then fucked silly by hard cocks!!!!

So if your looking to meet with a submissive Somerset Tgirl that wants Anal sex, Fisting, Sexual encounters, Sexual fetish meets then read on and better still check out the photos posted up by the highly FUCK ABLE Somerset tranny

Just one note regarding photos, I’ve only posted 4 pics here but within her Tranny personals advert shes posted up over 30 great pics so make sure you check this South West Tgirl ad out Read the rest of this entry »

Warwickshire Crossdresser

Author: swingking
08 31st, 2010

Warwickshire crossdresser

Note – Looking to meet with a Warwickshire crossdresser and wannabe submissive tranny slut? then read this Leamington Spa crossdressing personals advert placed by a sub tv thats bi curious and from reading his profile is more than keen to not just be ” bi curious” anymore!

In this members words he wants to be used by dominate crossdresser first but then moving onto males & couples, but I also get the impression its really down to the right member contacting him, so if your looking to meet with a  Leamington Spa sub crossdresser then read this members profile advert

Just one note regarding used photos listed here, the member has posted more photos within his Warwickshire personals advert but they are all full on face photos so can’t really post them here outside the members section for anyone to see so I’ve posted a collection of other submissive tranny members, just because you can never get enough of a good thing! Read the rest of this entry »

Manchester transvestite

Author: swingking
08 27th, 2010

Manchester BDSM

Note – you know I love the idea of caning a Manchester crossdresser and from looking at the bdsm profile this is one fetish crossdresser that needs a real good caning !

The crossdresser & fetish / bdsm scene is one that really runs hand in hand with many submissive crossdresser enjoy some type of role playing sex and no more is that the case than this Manchester BDSM crossdressing personals advert

When someones posts within there personals advert that they are only looking for kinky meets you know for a fact that this member isn’t just looking for some Manchester transvestite admirer to come along and fuck her, she wants more, so if your a dominant member that loves to push a horny tranny then read this members profile Read the rest of this entry »

Pembrokeshire Crossdresser

Author: swingking
08 19th, 2010

Pembrokeshire Crossdress

Note – Would you really want a Pembrokeshire Crossdresser any other way that submissive!! and this South West Wales crossdressing member is everything a dominate member could ask for and my only regret when looking at a Haverfordwest Crossdresser profile like this is I don’t live closer to the member!

If you want to meet with a submissive Wales base crossdresser then read this personals advert, check out the horny photos, which I’m sorry to say I’ve had to crop them, but uncropped images are waiting in the members section for members & master to download

Submissive tranny from Pembrokeshire looking for dominants and members that enjoy the bdsm scene and know just how to use, abuse a welsh tranny slut! Read the rest of this entry »

Wokingham Crossdresser

Author: swingking
07 19th, 2010
Wokingham Crossdresser

Wokingham Crossdresser

Note – Sissy crossdresser from Wokingham thats in training, well in training to be a better Berkshire sissy slut! – This member is only looking for dominant contacts as he’s a very submissive and looking to meet with members that can exercise long term control over this Workingham Crossdresser

This member has an online master that by the sounds of things controls what this submissive sissy does,  although whilst online bdsm is intewresting you really can’t beat the real deal of having a dominant master controlling you, well least thats my take on submissive meets, least I would want the real deal, suppose hence the reason this member is looking for Berks owners / masters to meet with……… long as his cyber master so its ok! Read the rest of this entry »

London Cottaging Crossdresser

Author: swingking
07 15th, 2010
London Cottaging

London Cottaging

Note – Anyone up for some tranny cottaging? love the idea of fucking a London based crossdresser that has a real kink for outdoor sex and bukkake outdoor meets. Given a choice i’d be more than up for meeting this sexy London bukkake crossdress member as I’ve attended a cottaging bukkake meet in the past and wanking off over some horny london tranny was some of the best outdoor sex I’ve enjoyed for a long time!

This member has been setting up cottaging crossdresser meets around london and posting details of these meets within the tranny forum and posted below is a recent posting where he was looking for anal / bukkake meets

Forum posting – My boyfriend is looking for a few males that want to use and abuse my little bubble butt hole and use me as an anonymous crossdresser fuck toy – if you want you can turn up and I’ll be bent over waiting for you to just slip your cock inside me ( although always safe sex, I maybe a fuck slut, I’m NOT mad) Read the rest of this entry »

Blackpool Sissy

Author: swingking
06 22nd, 2010
Blackpool Sissy

Blackpool Sissy

Note – Want to meet with a Black crossdresser thats a total submissive sissy and needs the attention of dominant males that want to use and abuse this Lancashire sissy maid that is only interested in meeting with males that want to meet with a submissive crossdress male.

This member has a massive amount of outfits so it doesn’t matter what type of Lancashire sissy you want to meet with this member will have the outfit from maid, pvc fetish, teen sissy to everyday wear in fact looking at the vast amount of photos this member has posted up she could open a Lancashire Crossdressers shop!

Perverted submissive sissy CD that needs to be used, humiliated and abused – I live for members & males to use me and be taken advantage of – I have no sexual limits and you REALLY can do anything you like to this sissy maid Read the rest of this entry »

Brighton Submissive Tranny

Author: swingking
05 25th, 2010
Brighton Bukkake

Brighton Bukkake

Note – Want to meet with a young crossdresser from Brighton in East Sussex, well if you and your into party messy meets then read this member Brighton personals advert as this young member is looking for bukkake meets of the messy kind ;o)

The idea being that a date will be set up for a party where LOTs of sucking, licking and cum facials will be order of the day and lets be honest when you have a horny Brighton crossdresser like this it will be hard to stop yourself from cumming all over him!

But from reading this members profile seems it may not just stop as messy crossdress facials as some anal sex is on the cards although any anal fucking is SAFE sex always so this member is looking for hung guys with fat heavy balls full of cum so read first this members forum posting them profile Read the rest of this entry »

Kent Submissive Tranny

Author: swingking
04 27th, 2010
South Kensington Sub

South Kensington Sub

Note – Want to meet with a submissive tranny from South Kensington? then read this members Kent personals advert that classes herself as a convincing crossdressers and from looking at her horny photos she’s every bit that AND some more – talk about horny Kent crossdresser!! YUM

This member is looking for dominant contacts as shes just started trying out BDSM and from the sounds of things LOVED it, but lets be honest having a submissive South Kensington crossdresser to play with has to be every dominant members wishes come true especially suck a convincing one!

I’m a hot Tgirl / Tranny from South Kensington thats looking for local T Girls & couples and I will meet with single male admirers if like myself you have lots of rubber & be a master – looking for fun. like girls & T girls. & couples. Read the rest of this entry »